Benalla P-12 College

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At Benalla P-12 College students are given the opportunity to represent the school in a variety of different sporting activities. We are currently part of the Southern Ranges division, in the Hume Region. This division includes schools from Euroa, Mansfield, Alexandra, Yea, Seymour, Broadford and Kilmore.

Benalla P-12 College has a vibrant sports program, as part of strong House program, which includes Swimming sports (Term 1), Track and Field (Term 1) and Cross Country (Term 2). We encourage all students to participate in these sporting events with our objective to instil a love of sport in all students, whilst developing a lifelong focus on their Health and Fitness.


Our students are also have the chance to participate in a number of team sports throughout the year, including:

Term 1                               Term 2                             Term 3
Cricket                                AFL                                 Basketball (Yr -10)             
Tennis                                Soccer                             Hockey (Yr 7-10)
Volleyball                           Netball                              Table Tennis (Yr 7-10)
                                           Basketball (Yr 11-12)
                                           Hockey (Yr 11-12)
                                           Table Tennis (Yr 11-12)