Benalla P-12 College

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At Benalla P-12 College we aim to equip students with the Numeracy skills and knowledge necessary to become successful in life. Using the Australian Curriculum we focus on students progressing from their point of need, with consistent approaches from Foundation to Year 12.
Students develop understanding of concepts using concrete materials, experiential play, models and diagrams and applied learning opportunities. For example, Foundation students count with numbers through song and movement, Year 3 students develop strategies for addition through counters and numberlines, Year 7 students investigate square and cube numbers using 2D and 3D shapes and Year 10 students learn quadratic factorisation with algebra tiles. All these opportunities allow students to create a model onto which they can build and link their understandings before moving to more abstract representations of the mathematical concept.
All students regularly practise core skills so that they can use these fluently, with a focus on mental strategies and self checking. This assists them to develop reasoning and problem solving skills.
In the Middle Years our students are offered a range of maths opportunities. In Year 9 and 10 students can choose from two maths subjects. Both year levels offer General Maths and an advanced maths subject for those students that enjoy the subject. Please see the Middle School Prospectus for information regarding Enrichment Maths (Year 9) and Mathematical Methods (Year 10). Very capable mathematicians in Year 10 can also fast track Unit 1 and 2 of General Maths A as preparation for Specialist Maths in Year 12.
The Senior Years campus offers all of the VCE maths subjects, along with VCAL Numeracy. The students are counselled into the appropriate maths for their interest, ability and course requirements for tertiary education. Please see the Senior School Prospectus for more information. These subjects range from VCAL Numeracy where students use their skills to run a small business or community event like the Skate ‘n Jam, through to Specialist Maths for those students that really love maths and would like to pursuit Engineering or Mathematical Sciences at a tertiary level.