Benalla P-12 College

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At Benalla P-12 College we aim to equip students with the Numeracy skills, knowledge and important mathetmatical ideas, that they will draws on in their personal and working lives.  The curriculum provides students, as life-long learners, the basis on which further  study and research in mathematics and applicaitons in many other fields are built.

Students develop understanding of concepts using concrete materials, models and diagrams to fully conceptualise and build deep understanding from Foundation to Year 12.

All students regularly practice core skills so that they can use these fluently, with a focus on mental strategies and articulation of these.  Students are encouraged to collaborate, question and explore investigations.

Our curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding. Fluency, reasonsing, modelling and problem-solving.  These capabiltiies enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar siutations by employing mathematics to make informed decisioins and solve probelms efficiently.