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At Benalla P-12 College, we offer an Indonesian Bilingual Program from Grade 1-6 at Avon St and Clarke St Campuses. This program is recognized as unique, especially as it is located in country Victoria and has been established as a pivotal educational program for more than 15 years in Benalla. The Benalla P-12 College Leadership Team strongly supports this program and is committed to its development and continual improvement and growth.
In this program, children spend 50% of classroom time listening and working in an Indonesian language environment. The process used to teach Indonesian language in this program is called immersion.
This program entails mirroring the way you have learnt your 'native language', and acquired your skills in your first language – that is:
*listening *comprehending *speaking *reading *writing
At Benalla P-12 College, children will journey through these stages to gain a commendable fluency and understanding of the Indonesian language. The immersion program is constant and consistent; it is continuous through activities in Literacy, Numeracy, Art and Music.

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