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Health and Physical Education

Physical Education Yrs 5-10

As part of the years 5 & 6 Physical Education program at Benalla P-12 College, all students complete an intensive swimming unit in Term 1 which is completed in our own 25 meter pool located at the Faithfull campus. During Term 2, there is a strong emphasis on developing and mastering each students fundamental motor skills like the strike, kick, throw & catch. Once these skills are mastered, students go on to complete units on gymnastics, athletics and sports specific skills in order to be successful in a wide range of different sports.

In years 7 through to 10, students undertake a comprehensive 4 week block on each of the 24 different sports undertaken at Benalla P-12 College. For each sport, we aim to develop and improve students social, tactical and physical skills needed to succeed in that sport. Some of these sports include gymnastics, netball, football, cricket, badminton, golf, hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, baseball / softball, athletics & swimming. 

Our years 5 – 10 Health curriculum enables students to develop a strong sense of self, to build and maintain satisfying relationships, to learn how to be resilient and to help make lifelong informed healthy decisions. Some of the topics covered include fitness & lifestyle, diet & nutrition, relationships, sun smart, water safety, personal health, drug education, mental health, sexuality, first aid, bullying (cyber, verbal, physical), rites of passage & driver education. 

Students at Benalla P-12 College also participate in the following programs :

  • Year 9 Respectful Relationships program

  • Which covers the topics of Consent (ran by the police), Diverse and Same Sex Attracted Relationships (ran by Uniting Care) and Family Violence (ran by the White Ribbon Day ambassador, Neil Stott)

  • Year 10 Help for U program

  • Which is ran by the school nurse and covers all the programs and organisations available around Benalla for students to access when dealing with all the different health & wellbeing issues which students may have to deal with.

  • Yr 11 P.A.R.T.Y ( Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth ) program

  • This program is optional for year 11 students to attend. Students go to either the Wangaratta or the Alfred hospital in Melbourne. Nurses & doctors from the Trauma section of that hospital inform students about what happens in that section of the hospital as a result of major incidents and accidents in the community.  The program aims to educate and expose students to an experience of life post trauma with the view to altering their perceptions of risk-related activities such as drink-driving.