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The students in years Prep to4 participate in visual arts usually for one hour per week. This is in a dedicated room with a specialist teacher away from their classroom teacher.
The national curriculum will taught and reported upon twice a year.
Generally each term is broken down into one or two key units of work. These include painting, printing, construction, modelling, drawing, threads and textiles and collage.
Key arts elements are taught which include line, shape &form, colour, texture, shape and value.
Students are encouraged to participate in national, state and local events to show case their art work. These include competitions, fund raising activities and community events such as the Benalla Show and the Rose Festival.
Parents are actively encouraged to join their children and share the fun.

Art Program for Grade Five and Six Students
In the year 5/6 Art Program, students develop and communicate their ideas through their art work, expressing those ideas using Art Forms including Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Collage, Mixed Media, Modelling, Construction and Textiles. They use a wide range of media and develop skills and techniques appropriate to their level. They manipulate the Arts Elements: Line, Texture, Pattern Colour, Shape, Form, Tone, Space and Perspective; and the Principles of Design: Balance, Unity, Rhythm, Movement, Contrast and Emphasis. Students learn to identify and describe the influences from their own and other cultures and times that they incorporate into their own work.
Students develop Arts ideas using a consciously considered design process including trials and refinement in response to discussion with peers and teachers. They are expected to consider the audience in presenting their work.
We visit Benalla Art Gallery on a regular basis to see a range of traditional and contemporary art works which connect student artists to the local, national and international art worlds and to different times and cultures. These visits expand students’ understandings of Art and their own potential in the Arts, and provide a resource to generate their ideas. Students learn arts language as they discuss, describe and interpret art works. They discover the purposes for which art works were created in different historical and cultural settings.