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Special Needs

Benalla P-12 College is committed to inclusive practices that support all children and young people, including those with disabilities and special needs. Every child deserves a great education to reach their full potential, and our passionate, dedicated and experienced staff is committed to ensuring this for those with special needs, who already face additional challenges in their lives.

We provide a fair and inclusive program, in a safe, positive and supportive environment in the setting suited to their needs. Students have an Individual Learning Plan written in collaboration with parents/carers and focused on the student’s academic, social and emotional development. At all times, our major focus is on the strengths of each student.
In 2016, in partnership with Benalla Health, we were proud to introduce a full time speech pathologist to our team. With a strong focus on screening each child in their Foundation year of school, and intensively supporting our Early Years Campuses with targeted speech therapy; we are striving to achieve higher outcomes for all.

We offer our staff a range of professional learning opportunities that support our students with special needs. For example we have a number of staff that has completed additional study in teaching children with Autism. These teachers work with our whole school staff providing expertise and advice for students with Autism. They consult with staff, parents and allied health professionals as well as deliver small group social sessions to best meet the needs of our students.

We also offer the ‘Hands on Learning Program’. This program is offered to students in Years 5-10 to gain practical skills and social and emotional support in a team environment. The Year 5/6 program is conducted over a half day whereas the Year 7-10 students spend a whole day, including recess and lunch, building a very strong rapport with staff to complete a range of projects including building, gardening, cooking and maintenance.

Please contact the school to discuss the individual needs of your child.